Documented Life- Week #1 Prompt

The Documented Life project’s first week prompt was to somehow artistically document your front door.  I chose to sketch and then watercolor the front door to our home.  I’m still very new with watercolor, only recently buying watercolor paper, but it is a medium I really enjoy, so I’m going to keep experimenting. 

On our door there is a sign reading “yes, vampires allowed.”  My son is four and a half and has been obsessed with vampires for the last six months or so.  My husband and I encourage his curiosity by teaching him about what he is interested in, so we have read books, looked at pictures and found Transylvania on the map.  My son’s imaginative play usually includes vampires, as it did one day at preschool and his teacher made this sign per his request.  When I picked him up he insisted we put this sign on our front door.  I complied and the sign has been up through the holidays.  Friends, neighbors, and the postman have made comments when they have come to the door,  but truth is, I love this little sign.  I love that my son gets wonderfully passionate and curious.  I may have some poor parenting moments (like all parents!) but I am proud I’m the type of mom which will appease his fantasy life and interests.  Enough to have a sign on our house saying vampires are welcome, even if it causes the raised eyebrow of the delivery boy. 




One thought on “Documented Life- Week #1 Prompt

  1. Kudos to you for the watercolours!!! Personally, they vex me. I’m so unsure with how they work that they are still uncomfortable for me. And yet, I so love how they look… that’s me, full of paradoxes. I am going to have to go check this project out, it sounds like a great way to journal!

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