An inchie is art created on a one inch square.  I recently joined a swap on in which 10 inchies were made based on a suggested theme and traded with three other partners.  


My first partner’s theme was cats.  These are hand drawn and then colored with colored pencils and markers.



The second set was a theme for “inspirational quotes.”  Hard to get a quote that is inspirational, but not overwhelming in a one inch space.  These are hand painted with acrylics, with highlights and doodles using pens.  Image

This next set is for the theme “black and white”.  Sorry the pic is a little dark.  All hand drawn using pens and a white Signo Uniball for the black ones.



I had the hardest time with my last partner’s themes.  She gave several of them, but I was finally inspired by her 1950s theme.  Of course that is a pretty broad theme!  I chose to do a 50s diner set with retro scrapbook paper as the background, pictures of vintage food, and then typed up “diner lingo” phrases with correlated with the pic of the food in a “diner” type 50s font.  These ended up being my favorites of all that I made.  



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