The 39th Year

On April 30th I turn 39.  I decided to keep an art journal for the next year celebrating my age, the end of my 30s, and anything else I can decide to throw in.  I spend a lot of time on creating art for swaps or trade and never keep any of my own work.  I’ve done art journal pages but not kept them organized well in one journal.  I unfortunately lost interest in the Documented Life journal I began at the beginning of the year, so this will be a fresh start.  

Using several Youtube tutorials I taught myself to coptic stitch and made this out of a pad of sketch paper, with the cardboard back of the paper pad becoming the front and back cover.  I have lusted after coptic stitched journals in the past, but my cheapskate self refused to buy one because I was convinced I could make one myself.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, though, this was HARD.  I think maybe if I had used a different thread, it might have been slightly easier.  I used embroidery floss which I waxed myself, but it frequently became tangled.  But I have already bought another pad of paper to try again.


Here’s the finished journal just waiting for some goodness….



And close up of those tough but oh so beautiful stitches…



I’m really excited about getting started! 



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